Create a Life of Health and Happiness

Create a Life of Health and Happiness

Owning all of our courses gives you access to Dr. Group, DC's 25+ years of natural health research and experience in helping others all over the world realize their fullest potential.

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The Global Healing Institute (GHI) membership gives you access to Dr. Group’s 25+ years of research and experience in helping others all over the world realize their fullest potential.

Life-Changing, Holistic Health Education From The Comfort of Your Home

Awaken Your Consciousness to a New Paradigm

GHI is more than an online school. It’s a transformative journey.

Awaken Your
Consciousness to

a New Paradigm

This is more than just courses.

It's a transformative journey.

Become a healer of your own mind, body, and soul.

Through our courses, you will gain the tools and knowledge to activate your self-healing mechanism, identify the root cause and live your best life.

The journey is better together. You will be supported by a community of like-minded self-healers.

Benefits of Owning All Courses

Immediate Access to Dr. Group, DC Courses

Learn about the secrets of happiness, the power of fasting, vibrational healing, and much more. $1,999 value.

Monthly LIVE Q&As with Dr. Group, DC

Submit your health and wellness questions in order to have a chance at Dr. Group, DC answering your questions LIVE. $250 monthly value.

Interviews with World-Renowned Healers

Gain access to private interviews of Dr. Group, DC with leading experts and naturopathic physicians.

Access to Our Private Community

Direct message with other like-minded self-healers in our Telegram group.

Annual Guided Fast with Dr. Group, DC

Learn the safest methods for entering a state of ketosis and how to reset the body for a more energized life. $1,999 value.

Exclusive offers on Global Healing products

By being in the group, you will get access to exclusive promotions not available to everyone.

$4,000+ Value for ONLY $799.95

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Global Healing Institute was named the Top 10 Educational Platforms by Swiftnlift Business Magazine.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Your incredible holistic healing techniques and groundbreaking nutraceutical & detox medicine single-handedly ***** my ****** and turned my entire life around. I am alive and thriving because of you. Like you always say, “the body is willing and ready to heal when you follow the proper protocols”. Man, am I glad that I followed your protocols. I am now completely **** and will be a lifetime customer and supporter and will continue to spread the word about your techniques & products. God Bless You DR GROUP! YOU LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE!!!”


“Thank you so much for the monthly Q&A! These are powerful and thought-provoking events that I always take something away from. I appreciate the real time with Dr. Group”


"Dr. Group is so open and honest. He willingly and patiently shares his knowledge because he truly cares about humanity. I listen to him every opportunity I get, and I’m so appreciative of his insights. He has personally answered questions I’ve posed on his live calls. He is here for us, and that’s amazing! Dr. Group has assembled a remarkable team!"

Marilyn S.

"I completed 18 days of fasting thanks to the support of Global Healing institute. Since then I am stronger in not just body but also mind and spirit. I am so grateful for such a high integrity institute!"


“This institute has provided me the knowledge and resources to feel like I really can be my own doctor. I’ve completed two courses, so far, and they’ve been invaluable to my health and wellness. I will never turn to allopathic medicine or pharmaceutical drugs again. I’m so grateful for everyone here!”

Lauren C.

“Love the format, direct and on-point! I can take these classes at my own pace and Dr. Group motivates me to keep my mindset elevated. I go back and watch the lessons regularly and the monthly Q&As are awesome! Thank you for this incredible way to learn!”


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